Good Deed # 133 of 150 – Send ’em Off Smiling


Good Deed # 133 of 150 – Send ’em Off Smiling

150 Good Deeds in 150 Days 2017.

Send ’em Off Smiling, Waterloo Region, ON

OCTOBER 12,2017

The mission of Send’Em Off Smiling is to set children in need on a more hopeful path, by outfitting them with clothing and school supplies, intended to send’em off smiling on that first day of school each September.  Thier objective is to match the children in greatest need with the resources of our caring community. Local corporations and individuals support Send’em Off Smiling with financial donations or by offering to sponsor a child, a family, or a specified number of children.  With so many children living in need here in Waterloo Region, it can be hard to decide which children need our help most. That’s why they rely on teachers to help identify the children who would benefit most from the program. These teachers witness the impact of child poverty on learning readiness.  This good deed was nominated by Alex Weber of our Kitchener branch.


Weber Supply has made a donation to Send’Em Off Smiling.