One More Good Deed: Carry On With Courage


One More Good Deed: Carry On With Courage

One More Good Deed.

Here is a very touching account of what one of our team members did with their “One More Good Deed” gift card.

From our #TEAMWEBER member’s words:

Well some things must happen for a reason! The same day we received these, I was locking up the back of the branch for the evening when I spotted a familiar sight, there sat a bicycle near our garbage bins with a backpack and bags fastened all around. A clean kept bike, someone took pride in it.

I reached in my back pocket and shoveled some papers around, and felt that plastic card, walked down the steps and knocked on the garbage bin. Up poked the head of a clean cut gentleman maybe in his mid twenties and he addressed me with a stutter. “I don’t mean no harm, please just making some room in your garbage bins, don’t call the police.”

I assured him, he was fine, asked his name and reached out my hand offering my name as well “let me help you out of there my friend.”

We spent a few minutes speaking to one another, friend to friend. I found out he was originally from a place called Port Dover in Ontario. He ended up here with his family and after a string of bad luck lost everything. He loves motorcycles and hopes to own one again some day. I told him a bit about myself and after a few minutes I said “thanks for the conversation, keep your head up and carry on with courage.” I passed him the card and the change in my pocket and addressed him by his name, “get something good to eat.”

Although, I’ve been blessed most of my life, I know what it’s like being in this young mans boots. Those kind of conversations mean the world and can pick you up for a week or two at a time, when everyone else can’t even look you in the eye, a conversation with someone who treats you as a friend can mean the world.

Thanks to the One More Good Deed initiative to have allowed me to give a meal to this gentleman instead of just a coffee.