One More Good Deed: The Sky is the Limit


One More Good Deed: The Sky is the Limit

One More Good Deed.

Here is another account of our Good Deed initiative written by one of our Team Members:

I gave my card to someone at the Toronto airport that went above and beyond.  An Air Canada employee went out of her way to make sure an elderly couple was comfortable while they waited for their flight. The wheelchair attendants that brought them to the gate were pleasant but simply sat them in their handicap seats and then left them on their own. They were obviously not used to being shuffled through an airport. This woman made sure that they were comfortable in their surroundings and that they knew what they needed to do until the announcement to board was made.

We have all witnessed people doing their jobs, but sometimes being concerned with the limits of their willingness to do what we may think they should do, or what we may do in the same situation. In this case the sky was the limit when it came to this attendant’s kindness. Witnessing an act of kindness warms your heart and makes you feel good.

I spoke to her and told her that I was watching her interactions with this couple and told her how kind she was for taking the extra time to be nice. I gave her my Tim’s card and she accepted it with a smile.