Good Deed # 120 of 150 – Bottles for Bob


Good Deed # 120 of 150 – Bottles for Bob

150 Good Deeds in 150 Days 2017.

Bottles for Bob, Victoria, BC

SEPTEMBER 22, 2017

Bob is in his 60s, not married and has little to no family.  In the last year or so, he lost his leg due to complications from diabetes, and his left leg is currently suffering from the same issues and may also need to be amputated.  Unfortunately, Bob also lost his place of residence in the new year and is currently staying at a homeless shelter.  Despite each of these unfortunate events, Bob is out there every day collecting and returning bottles to make a living.  However, his only means of transportation for collecting bottles, a motorized scooter, broke down.  “Bottles for Bob”  was started to help Bob fix his scooter and hopefully allow him to move out of the shelter soon.  This good deed was nominated by Alex Weber of our Kitchener branch.


Weber Supply has made a donation to this campaign.