Good Deed # 113 of 150 – Training Eponine


Good Deed # 113 of 150 – Training Eponine

150 Good Deeds in 150 Days 2017.

Team Justin: Training Eponine, Wellesley, ON

SEPTEMBER 13, 2017

At the age of 15 years, Justin was diagnosed with high functioning Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) and Chronic Anxiety, which includes symptoms of OCD.  Despite being a gifted musician, studying part time through grants and with the support of the Accessibility Office at WLU’s music program, the symptoms of his diagnosis are debilitating and make it quite challenging to function day to day and achieve his life goals. Justin has been assessed and advised by the specialists on his support team that having the day to day support of a service dog would greatly improve his ability to manage.  Research has shown that having the assistance of a service dog for those with Autism Spectrum Disorders can provide relief from the daily overwhelming symptoms. Through sensations of touch and feelings of companionship, he can better manage my symptoms and achieve greater independence. After a year of an exhaustive search and applying to all possible service dog agencies, Justin was repeatedly informed that he was assessed and diagnosed after the age to qualify for a funded service dog. Out of desperation, Justin’s family started to search for his own dog to train and have been fortunate to find Eponine from Windsong Collies, who has been assessed as ready for service dog training.  Any funds raised go directly to train Eponine.  This good deed was nominated by Steve Nafziger of our Kitchener branch.


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