Good Deed # 79 of 150 – Thompson Humane Society


Good Deed # 79 of 150 – Thompson Humane Society

150 Good Deeds in 150 Days 2017.

Thompson Humane Society, MB

JULY 25, 2017

A dog, a cat, any animal feels pain, they need food, water, and shelter…like we all do. The mission of the THS is to promote this message, to educate and to provide a safe haven for the animals in our care. In this way, the THS hopes to encourage compassion towards all life.  The Animal Shelter was officially opened in November of 2006. To most, the building represents a safe haven for dogs and cats that are lost, abandoned and/or abused. To some, it represents a mission that was started many years ago by the dog that showed a community the effects of cruelty to animals. The mystery has been and still continues to be a rallying point for members of our organization as the THS continuous to try and make a difference, not only in Thompson but in the region.  This good deed was nominated by Danielle Ethier of our Thompson branch.


Weber Supply has made a donation to the Thompson Humane Society.