Good Deed # 67 of 150 – Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada


Good Deed # 67 of 150 – Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

150 Good Deeds in 150 Days 2017.

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

JULY 7, 2017

Canada has the highest rate of multiple sclerosis (MS) in the world, with an estimated 100,000 Canadians living with the disease.  While it is most often diagnosed in young adults aged 15 to 40, younger children and older adults are also diagnosed with the disease.  MS is currently classified as an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves).  The disease attacks myelin, the protective covering of the nerves, causing inflammation and often damaging the myelin.  Myelin is necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses through nerve fibres.  MS is unpredictable and can cause symptoms such as extreme fatigue, lack of coordination, weakness, tingling, impaired sensation, vision problems, bladder problems, cognitive impairment and mood changes. Its effects can be physical, emotional and financial. Currently, there is no cure, but each day researchers are learning more about what causes MS and are zeroing in on ways to prevent it.  This good deed was nominated by Adrian Prosser of our Stoney Creek branch.  Adrian’s sister has MS and is on disability requiring a wheelchair for her to get around.


Weber Supply has made a donation to the MS Society of Canada.