Good Deed # 44 of 150 – Canadian Honey Council


Good Deed # 44 of 150 – Canadian Honey Council

150 Good Deeds in 150 Days 2017.

Canadian Honey Council, across Canada

JUNE 5, 2017

Bee health is a growing public concern and more and more attention is being put on finding solutions to mitigate losses. According to the Canadian Association of Provincial Apiculturists statement on honey bee losses in Canada.  We don’t think about the tiny honeybee very often. But it’s quickly making big headlines around the world! The honeybee is the cornerstone of the environment and is critical to our food supply around the world. Scientists from the U.S.A. to France and Spain and all the way to U.K. and China are trying to solve the mystery of what’s causing the disappearance of the honey bee. Your help is needed to help our pollinators. All funds (100%) donated to Save our Bees are deposited into the Canadian Bee Research Fund, a registered charity that distributes funds for bee health research.  We encourage you to learn more and help get behind this important initiative.  This good deed was nominated by WeBear from our Kitchener branch.


WeBear has provided each WeBear Cub with honey bee wild flower seeds to plant and an activity book related to saving the honey bees.

Weber Supply has also made a donation to the Canadian Honey Council.