Good Deed # 9 of 150 – Food Banks Across Canada


Good Deed # 9 of 150 – Food Banks Across Canada

150 Good Deeds in 150 Days 2017.

Local Food Banks Across Canada

APRIL 13, 2017

Through community involvement and partnerships, Food Banks throughout Canada obtain and distribute emergency food from neighbours for our neighbours.


Weber Supply is having a corporate-wide food drive.  Each one of our 17 locations across Canada is collecting and donating food to their local Food Bank.

UPDATE: Branch totals are in!


Kitchener / Head Office raised 436lbs

London Branch raised 72lbs

Belleville Branch raised 55lbs

Richmond Branch raised 50lbs

Saskatoon Branch raised 262lbs

Thompson Branch raised 6lbs

Edmonton Branch raised 54lbs

Sault Ste. Marie Branch raised 106lbs

Stoney Creek Branch raised 113lbs

Barrie Branch raised 45lbs

Mississauga Branch raised 35lbs

Sudbury Branch donated $167, which translates to 1,002lbs of food donation according to the Sudbury Food Bank

Regina Branch raised 50lbs